Certified Translation | Legal Translations in Italy

Studio Bologna & Associati offers its clients certified translations (sworn translations) in all main languages.

We translate hundreds of Certified translations from and into Italian each month, such as divorce judgements, marriage certificates, university transcripts, high school diplomas, degree certificates, deeds, affidavits, police records, annual corporate accounts, articles of association, financial statement, birth certificates, death certificates, FBI Records Check, bailiff’s notifications, warranty statements, driving licences, contracts, summons, wills, extracts from the Trade Register, adoption records, business contracts and much more. We also provide simultaneous e consecutive interpreting services for both Italian and foreign companies worldwide.

Legalization / Apostille

If the translation needs to be sent abroad, the signature of the Court Clerk on the certified translation must be legalized at the accredited foreign Embassy or Consulate of the State for which the translation is required. For use in States that have signed the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, this dual legalization is substituted by affixing the so-called Apostille, which also comes under the jurisdiction of the Prosecutor at the Italian Courts (Procura della Repubblica presso il Tribunale).

  • Personal information documents
  • Police records
  • Powers of attorney
  • Probate, wills, etc.
  • FBI Records
  • Transfer pricing documents
  • Voluntary disclosure documents
  • Writs of summons
  • Account statements and bank documents in general
  • Adoption deeds
  • Agency inspection reports
  • By-laws and articles of association
  • Corporate deeds, trust deeds
  • Disposals of business units and shareholdings
  • Financial statements
  • General or special powers of attorney
  • Information leaflets
  • Legal documents
  • Letters rogatory
  • Licenses
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Notary deeds

Main languages translated:

Albanian – Arabic- Bosnian – Bulgarian – Catalan – Chinese – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – English, United Kingdom – English, United States of America – Farsi – Finnish – French – German – Greek – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Italian – Japanese – Korean – Latin – Latvian – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese, Brazil – Portuguese, Portugal – Romanian – Russian – Serbian – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish, Castilian – Spanish, Latin America – Swedish – Turkish – Ukrainian.